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Publishing Information

  1. We create a warm atmosphere.

We respect the boundaries of other people in the forum. Courtesy, prohibition of hate / harassment. Make sure everyone feels safe. Insults on age, race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated.

     2. Use the forum structure that will help you and other users navigate to the correct information and enable easy and efficient additional information. The aim of the platform is to organize information in an easily accessible manner, by maintaining this we enable this environment.

3. We create readable and easy to find posts

Add a hashtag #city #neighborhood #help or #need etc. 

4. Help - do not disturb

Self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links, graphics and collections are not allowed. And will be deleted by administrators. 

5. Respect the privacy of others

This is a forum for sharing and disseminating reliable, accurate and timely information about COVID-19. Before publishing, reflect whether the information you publish or share may be private or put others at risk.

6. Greetings and thanks as a comment

If you want to say hello or thank you, write it in the comment below one of the posts. No separate entries please

7. Take care of intellectual property and copyright

We place content about open sources dedicated under terms & conditions and your data privacy. We care about intellectual value and copyright. We do not provide links to illegal collections of books, films, software.

8. We are not a place for medical advice

We do not offer sale / exchange of medicines or medical assistance. Offers and needs for professional psychological support; You can find medical helpline numbers and the procedure for suspected infection under the medical information 

9. We bypass speaking about politics, religion, and worldviews

Political themes make it easy to argue. Let's remember that the forum is about mutual assistance, not about political discussions. We also do not raise topics related to these topics.

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