The Ultimate Guide to Working from Home, by Freelancers Who Know  


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Funny advises on how to work from home:

"So who better to offer advice to those who will be working from home for the first time and maybe looking for some guidance?

So, we asked the fastest-growing, award-winning, support group for UK freelancers on Facebook: What is your advice to anyone working from home for the first time?

To help further, these nuggets of advice have been grouped into Starting Your Day, Your Working Environment, Food & Drink, Unplanned Distractions, and The Challenge of Isolation. Let’s kick your new day off then…"


A funny extract about food: "Here is what to do and, most definitely, what not to do…with is usually based around biscuits.

1. Hide the biscuits. Possibly the bread, milk, and cereal too
2. Don’t eat your lunch by 10am
3. Put a padlock on the fridge.
4. The fridge/biscuit jar is your enemy.
5. Get yourself some decent coffee or tea (don’t start panic buying though, I need some!)
6. Take regular breaks and eat healthy snacks… even meditate for 10 minutes
7. Lock up the biscuits.
8. Don’t eat at your desk.
9. Never stock crisps or cake!! If you do, don’t EVER open them

Of course, you still have to eat and the temptation of snacking may never be greater. So the best advice here is…

10. Enjoy Healthy snacks as they are your friend for brain power and energy dips."