How To Facilitate Effective Virtual Meetings  


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"This word cloud is from a virtual workshop I facilitated asking participants what the barriers to effective virtual meetings are: technology, engagement, connectivity, and participation. Virtual meetings that are not well designed and facilitated can also mean a loss of productivity. Aside from technical issues, the biggest problem is engagement. As Hasan Osman points out in his Pyramid of Communication  as you move to virtual modes of collaboration and communication, group cohesion and intimacy decreases.This makes it hard for people to fully engage with each other.

Here are some best practices for Virtual Meetings to get past that pain:

1-Co-Create Your Team’s Rules of Engagement or Virtual Meeting Norms

Rules of meeting engagement or “meeting norms” are stated standards that refer to processes, preparation and communication practices which can apply to any meeting. Virtual meetings may have some specific norms, for example:

  • We will use the technology that most accessible to everyone on our team.
  • Test your technology before the meeting and resolve any technical issues
  • Use phone line with audio clarity and stability"...

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