Kraków Expat Businesses - Coronavirus Support  


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24/03/2020 11:57 am  
FB Group to support Expat Business. Join here:

A support group for business owners, employers and entrepreneurs to exchange information, discuss their response to the current Coronavirus outbreak, share resources on government and other official support initiatives, and generally offer mutual support and assistance. All of us are going to be affected by this unprecedented crisis, it's going to be particularly tough on small businesses, and very likely on larger companies and corporations.

The challenges for foreign business owners will be much greater, with understandable concern, anxiety and frustration.

Let's do our best to help, inform and support each other, any way we can. The group can be temporary, or if the group feel it useful, it could continue once this crisis is over.

The group is intended primarily for expat owned or related businesses, but not exclusively, anyone is welcome. The group will be lightly moderated, so long as we are helpful, respectful and not offensive.