KRAKOW Start-up Community Response to COVID19  


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Community Initiatives Response To COVID-19

Corona Ninjas 

Local Initiative To Help Polish Hospital Lead By Klaster Life Science Center

LifeScience Cluster Krakow

launches initiative with main objective is to satisfy the needs of hospitals and other units, where aid is needed and the sick. At the same time our goal is to help companies and other organizations in the use of their resources, competence and capacity. 


Local Goverment Response

The City Of Krakow is providing live updates on the COVID-19 situation locally.

Find the stream here.

Małopolska has created a handbook for entrepreneurs. Find it here.

Małopolska has announced the results of grant program with 500 000pln for the local innovation ecosystem.


Krakow Startups Relevant To COVID-19

Talent Alpha – Tech Talent As A Service Thought Leadership On The Future of Work 

A Black Swan To Save The World 3 COVID-19 Scenario Forecasts

CM Deck: HR Tech Solutions For Employee Development Remotely

Best Practices For Remote Work


Other relevant Krakow start ups during time of COVID19 found here 


Information sourced from OMGKRK website:

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